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Why "Radio Café"?
A reasonable question.

Well, our restaurant is not only a place serving delicious (we hope), and reasonably priced meals from 7.30am until 11pm. It is also the Club of former employees of Radio Free Europe in Munich. In case you are too young to remember, or have been luckily living on the right side of the "Iron Curtain" (right being, of course, left as you look at the map), allow me to explain:

Radio Free Europe was founded in 1952 under the Eisenhower administration which wisely considered, that the word may be as effective or more effective then the arms race. It became an instant success with listeners in Eastern Europe, eager to hear something besides the local flood of propaganda. From 1952 until 1956 ten year prison sentences were often imposed on Poles who listened to RFE. The Polish section of the Radio was closed shortly after Poland became independent.

The photos you can see on the walls are mementos of its 50 year history, showing leading personalities of the Polish Section as well as some taken later, after the Club was created in Warsaw in the late 90's. There are also black and white portraits of the American Directors of the RFE.

Our restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine, though you can find some international favourites on our menu too.
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